Before I began photographing schools I imagined that they would be one of the more challenging environments to work in. I assumed that it would hard to remain discrete so as not to disrupt the lessons and that the children would feel awkward about being in the spotlight. I was wrong as the images I have captured for schools have been among the most fun to shoot and the resulting pictures among my favourites. Some of the schools I have photographed have been fortunate to have a lovely new building to showcase. Others have been able to show off the schools unique personality using lively and engaging images of the children at work and at play. I often call on my experience as a father of a 14, 9 & 3 year old to get the children to relax and show off their skills for the lens. My work has been used in print for large pictures that adorn the school walls, in calendars, school prospectuses and on their websites. I have had DBS checks in the past and would be happy to have them in the future if it is a requirement to work with you. So please get in touch if you have a school, college or university photography project that you would like assistance with.