Hotel Exteriors

Public spaces always demand a flexible approach from any photographer, especially ones that are outside. As a nice shot of the pool, terrace or grounds is usually dependent on the cooperation of the weather. Over the years I have always tried to work around the elements to achieve the best result possible. A grey miserable day will often give way to a spectacular bright blue sky at dusk allowing just a few critical minutes to capture something enticing.

Then there is the issue of guests. I am always very aware of the need to fit in around them as discreetly as possible. They may only be at the property for a day or two and absolutely do not want to have to wait around for a photographer to finish off a shot before they can access the pool etc. So very early starts are quite normal for me in order to maximise time when everyone else is sleeping. If however an outside space looks more desirable later on in the day due to lighting or general ambience then I will strive to get a great shot whilst keeping everyone happy. Some guests actually like the idea of starring on the hotels website or in their printed collateral. If they don't or the hotel deems it inappropriate I can usually digitally remove them from the scene during post production.